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Jon Rousseau

Jon began his professional recording career when he was 19 after graduating from the Recording Arts program at Full Sail University, one of the most prestigious audio schools in the United States. He began working as an intern, assistant, and quickly as a staff engineer at Sockit Studios in Baton Rouge, Louisiana under the guidance of Devon Kirkpatrick (Lauryn Hill, Mystikal, Backstreet Boys). Having excelled as a musician in high school and recieving numerous awards including the John Philip Souza Award for superior musicianship, loyalty, dependability, and cooperation he knew a career in music would be in his future.


At 22 he moved to Los Angeles and began doing freelance production and engineering at studios throughout the city. During that time he worked with everyone from established artists and producers (Kevin Gates, Mally Mall, Fredo Santana) to indivduals trying to break out.


In 2015 he moved to Las Vegas and began The majority of his credentials being in the Hip-Hop, R&B, and Electronic genres, Jon has professional experience across many styles and genres and looks to further expand his creative palette by working with new artists throughout the U.S. and around the world through his online venture.

Jon Rousseau in the studio with Mally Mall and Mr. Capone-e.

Jon (second from right) in the studio with Mally Mall and Mr. Capone-e



What Will You Gain?

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Never again will you worry about showing off your songs in fear that they might not sound as good as they did in your studio. Our job is to make sure of that. Music is meant to be heard and we guarantee your music will be heard the way you intended it to by utilizing our ears, experience, equipment, and expert consistency... not to mention free revisions until you are fully satisfied.


If you record in a home studio or aren't getting a very good sound out of your recordings just shoot us a message and we'll be more than happy to consult with you on how to achieve better results. Remember, the quality of your recording will directly affect how the final product sounds. We have plenty of tricks up our sleeve to help get your record sounding like a million bucks, but voodoo magic is not one of them.

What We'll Do For Your Song:

Strong & Solid Bass

Crisp & Airy


Perfectly Weighted


Lifelike Stereo


Roundness And


Vivid, Pristine



Take Your Music A Step Further...

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Achieving commercial loudness, depth, punch, clarity, and intimacy in your masters is easier said than done and trying to compete on your own with seasoned, professional engineers like the ones hired by major labels is damn near impossible.


We're here to make sure your music stands out in today's market where every record is competing to be the loudest and the boldest! We want to work closely with you to truly understand your wants and needs and to figure out what is best for your record. We have the equipment, the acoustics, the experience, and the know-how to give your records that big league sound without the negative artifacts typically associated with digital home mastering (and even mastering done in professional facilites by under-qualified people).



We Master For iTunes and other popular digital delivery platforms!

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